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Cigars are not for everyone.

Smoking cigars with fine-crafted spirits is an age-old tradition. But like anything that requires time, effort, and sophistication, it’s not for everyone.

Rooftop Cigars caters to a select group of motivated decision-makers who work tirelessly for their victories and celebrate them to their fullest. They value rewarding pleasures like exquisite handcrafted cigars, premium Scotch, and priceless camaraderie.

Indulge with Pride & Gusto.

One-of-a-kind Rooftop Cigar Experience.

Rooftop Cigars is the only enterprise dedicated to rooftop cigar excursions for refined tastes and lively spirits like yours. In the last few years, rooftop bars have gained popularity, driving the need for more quality and high-end options. We are at the forefront of delivering exceptional rooftop excursions at New York’s most stellar locations.

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